“Everything I write has a basis in fact…”

I’ve always been a big fan of books and I’ve had my nose in a book for as long as I can remember.

Whilst writing up my paranormal investigation case notes I thought to myself:

“Do you know, Robert, this stuff might make good stories?”

So, what I have started to do is turn to some of my cases for inspiration.  Now, don’t worry if you’ve been involved in one of my investigations…  no personal details will be given out.  In some cases you might barely recognise where the inspiration has come from.

I’ve released a short story about betrayal and revenge called: STENCH which is based on a real life event in the early 1990s.

STENCH is available as an e-book on Amazon.  To view it just click here, or view a teaser trailer for the book here.

Stench Cover Final

My second short story is: Finders Keepers, set on the sands of Southport, it tells of the dangers of taking what does not belong to you.

Finders Keepers

A third story: Uninvited Guests takes us on a journey to an uncharted island.


Descent Into Darkness – When Tabitha Coulthard visits an art gallery, a mysterious painting leads her on a dangerous quest deep beneath the Yorkshire Dales.  What is the connection between the painting and her university professor?  And who else is interested in her investigation?

Descent into Darkness Cover

Penny Dreadfuls

A Penny Dreadful was a form of serialised, sensational literature produced in the late Victorian era.  Costing only a penny, these popular stories often featured tales of mystery, suspense, and horror.  I have decided to revisit this format and am offering my short Penny Dreadful stories to you for 99p via Amazon.

Keep checking back for more…

FEARS OF A CLOWN Cover Swarm Cover

Ghost of Christmas Present Cover The Hunt Cover

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