Descent Into Darkness

Descent into Darkness Cover

Descent Into Darkness is another story from the twisted imagination of Robert Johns which is available on Kindle now.

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Robert answers some questions about the book.

What inspired you to write this story?

Descent Into Darkness came to me as a dream many years ago.  I had a dream about a painting that contained a number of clues that led on a mysterious quest.  I often wondered how to work it into a story and when I completed Uninvited Guests all the pieces fell into place.

How do you decide upon the settings for Descent Into Darkness?

I chose to set the story in Cornwall and Yorkshire due to my fondness for both areas.  Cornwall is full of many little coves and fishing towns which have such a mysterious feel to them that I felt that I couldn’t not use it as part of the story.  Yorkshire has a rugged charm to it which I absolutely love.  The Dales are riddled with caves and it just feels like anything could lurk above or below ground.

Tell us a bit about the characters in the story…

We are introduced to Tabitha Coulthard, a PhD student, who notices something about a painting at a gallery that piques her interest.  She discusses it with her professor and together they begin an investigation that takes them to Cornwall and the Yorkshire Dales.  Both of them are driven for different reasons.  Tabitha is looking for discovery, the professor is hoping to find closure for some past event.  Of course there are other characters along the way, but you’ll just have to meet them yourself.

There’s a rumour that this is a sequel to a previous story…

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.  I’ll let you decide for yourself…

Some of your other stories have a bit of a revenge theme.  Is this going to follow that pattern?

I suppose stories like The Stench, and Uninvited Guests are quite clearly revenge tales.  Is there a revenge theme in Descent Into Darkness?  Hmmm, not really.  But I might revisit the revenge stuff in a later story.

That sounds like you’ve got something in mind?

That would be a safe assumption.


Descent Into Darkness is available on Kindle from Amazon now.